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Bus Travel

Privately owned buses are the cheapest way to get around Egypt, but because of security concerns, the Egyptian authorities dissuade independent travelers from using them on certain routes, specifically from Cairo down the Nile to Luxor and from Luxor east to Hurghada.

Bus transport in Egypt is divided geographically, usually with one major company providing services in each region, except in the Sinai and Red Sea coastal areas, where there is some competition. Fares are cheap, and buses are generally modern and in good condition, though the stream of video entertainment played at high volume and overzealous air-conditioning can make the journey slightly unpleasant. Driving standards are poor.

Cairo has a new bus terminal, called Turgomon, for all of its bus service around the country. The station is located near Downtown and all the ticket windows are labeled with the geographic region. There are a handful of bus companies. The East Delta Travel Company runs from Cairo to the Suez Canal and the Sinai; El Gouna Transportation runs from Cairo down the Red Sea Coast; Super Jet offers services from Cairo to the Sinai and the Red Sea; the Upper Egyptian Bus Company has service from Cairo down the Nile to Luxor and Aswan and east from Luxor to Hurghada; the West and Middle Delta Company covers routes to Alexandria, and along the Mediterranean Coast to the Libyan border and Siwa Oasis.

Bus Information

East Delta Travel Company. 02/2577–9347; 02/262–3128;

El Gouna Transportation. 19567; 02/2201–9941.

Superjet. 809/682–9670.

Upper Egypt Company. 809/682–9670;

West and Middle Delta Company. 809/682–9670;


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