Do You Ever Think About the Places in the Marvel Cinematic Universeas Tourist Destinations?

  • Do You Ever Think About the Places in the Marvel Cinematic Universeas Tourist Destinations?

    Shouldn’t be a problem considering there are thousands of Marvel movies.

    This isn’t my first rodeo. As a matter of fact, if you’ve been following my “travel journeys” recently, you’ll know that I’ve proposed a few getaways within the DC cinematic universe. So, it only makes sense that I do a roundup for that brand’s forever competition, at the box office and otherwise. Let’s take a trip down Marvel lane, shall we?

    Marvel Studios

  • Wakanda

    Reported Location: East Africa

    Yes, it’s a word used way too often these days (especially by yours truly), but “iconic” is one of the best ways to describe the home of Black Panther. “Beautiful,” “brilliant,” “advanced,” and “incredible,” are just a few others. The most thriving nation on Earth, Wakanda is as successful as it is, in part, because of its access to vibranium, the strongest substance in the entire universe, which has allowed the country to build and utilize technology that’s light years ahead of what its United Nations counterparts are doing. While it’s cloaked for protection, it will likely be difficult to explore all of Wakanda in a single visit, given its stunning geography, rich culture, and, generally, just being awesome.

    Marvel Studios

  • Kamar-Taj

    Reported Location: Tibet

    Stephen Strange initially thought he was better than Kamar-Taj. Not yet the “Sorcerer Supreme,” Strange entered the Tibetan monastery (where sorcerers/sorceresses train), acting like an obnoxious American tourist. When he sat down, shut up, and opened his eyes (his third one, specifically), he found the value and the truth of the ancient temple. Tibet is a place filled with deep spirituality, and it holds a plethora of stunning monasteries between its snowcapped peaks. Kamar-Taj, though, seems like it alone is worth booking a trip to.


    Doctor Strange Official/Faceboook

  • Asgard

    Reported Location: “The sky”

    Asgard is the Nordic equivalent of Mount Olympus. Can you think of a better vacation destination? Thor’s homeworld is a cosmic wonder, complete with mountaintop vistas (though it’s ultimately a flat mass), palatial palaces, and even theaters. And, I’m sorry but the Bifrost Bridge was tailor-made for social media.


  • New Asgard

    Reported Location: Tønsberg, Norway

    Following the events of Thor: Ragnarok , [spoiler alert] most of Asgard’s population was forced to relocate and they did so in, very fittingly, Norway. If Avengers: Endgame is anything to go by, New Asgard is still very much getting on its feet, but because of this, it might just be the quiet, seaside retreat Doctor Strange ordered.

    Fun Fact: Filming actually took place in Saint Abbs, Scotland, a fishing village which you can very much visit!

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  • The Quantum Realm

    Reported Location: Everywhere and nowhere

    Yeah, I said it. One of the most memorable things about 2015’s Ant-Man , was a creepy, trippy, subatomic location the titular hero ends up in the third act. I would love to go here (between dimensions), as it reminds me of the visual feasts of the eye we were given during the entire runtime of Doctor Strange , but only if I had a guaranteed way back.

    AntMan3001(CC BY-SA 2.0)/Flickr

  • Ego

    Reported Location: Floating in space, basically

    Unfortunately, Ego is actually [spoiler alert if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 ] a sociopathic Kurt Russell, because, when in planet form, it’s (he’s?) quite stunning. There’s literal otherworldly vegetation, countless waterfalls, and rainbow-colored orbs to gawk at at all times, save for when Ego is angry (or that’s the dynamic we see in the film, at least). The entity has the ability to shape the planet any which way he wants to at any given moment, so if we were to visit, hopefully, we catch him on a good day.

    Denis Belitsky/Shutterstock

  • Sanctum Sanctorum

    Reported Location: NYC

    While “destination” implies a place you can stay for a few days, there’s nothing—save for Doctor Strange, probably—that says you can’t post up at the Sanctum Sanctorum for a while. Strange’s headquarters in Greenwich Village basically doubles as the Smithsonian for mystical objects and is complete with meditation rooms, occult libraries, and an incredibly striking skylight. Maybe this is more of a stop on an NYC Avengers Road Trip ; we could visit Stark Tower next?

    Doctor Strange Official/Faceboook

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