Bankerohan Market


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Bankerohan Market

Visit the the lively, fragrant Bankerohan Market to take in the authentic atmosphere of a busy marketplace, stock up on fresh produce, sample some local fruit (durian is widely available) or grab a bite at one of the market's street food stalls. Morning (before noon) is the best time to visit.

Do & See

Davao is famous for many things – eagles, gold, exotic flowers, eye-popping attractions and landscapes to name just a few. Look out for the Puentespina Orchids and Tropical Plants centre where the colours and scents will leave you bewildered, or the shops selling beautiful works in gold – the city is a major producer of gold and crafts. For adventure seekers there’s the Davao River where white water rafting is a popular and the Crocodile Park where it’s best to keep a distance from the residents. No visit to Davao would be complete without sampling some of its great local fruit (durian is best kept outside your accommodation!), or enjoying one of its colourful festivals. Visiting the Arawng Dabaw Festival in March, the Padigo San or the Sambuokan in September or the Banayan Festival in October is an excellent way to see local tradition at its best.