Pirates Pub


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Pirates Pub

This pub offers everything for the sport and beer-fanatics. Order a cold beer from the tap and play some pool or dart with your friends while you are waiting for the next football game to start on the TV screen. There is also a menu with typical pub food such as pies and fish and chips.

Bars & Nightlife

Nightlife in Davao might not seem quite as vibrant as one would expect from a cosmopolitan city with over a million residents – this may be, partially, due to the alcohol curfew currently imposed here. The curfew forbids the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places between midnight and 8 am - a regulation that has forced many business owners to convert bars into restaurants and massage parlours, a transformation most noticeable in Torres Street - the former Davao nightlife hot-spot. However, some popular evening venues still in operation do include jazz clubs and piano bars, excellent restaurants with live music, and even nightclubs, leaving visitors with quite a few options to choose from.