Jordan Real Food Adventure

07/02/2023 through 12/16/2024
07/02/2023 through 12/19/2024
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Jordan Real Food Adventure

There’s no doubt that Jordan’s ancient wonders and desert landscapes are absolutely remarkable, but any local will tell you one of the country’s greatest pleasures is its food – so pull up a chair, share dishes and make memories on this 6-day adventure for food lovers. Discover Jordan’s diverse heritage at tables across the country, float in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea, zip through Wadi Rum on a jeep safari, and uncover the majesty of Petra. Be welcomed into local homes for dinner, have breakfast with a shepherd, learn cherished family recipes during a cooking class, and dine with a Bedouin community in the desert.


  • Amman – Welcome Dinner
  • Madaba – St Georges Church
  • Dead Sea – Visit and float
  • Petra – Home-cooked meal
  • Petra – leader-led tour of Petra
  • Wadi Rum – 4WD jeep safari
  • Wadi Rum – Zarb Local Dinner
  • Petra – Breakfast with a shepherd
  • Amman – Beit Sitti maqluba cooking class and meal
  • Amman – Knafeh tasting


  • Let three sisters share their grandmother’s traditional recipes with you during a hands-on cooking class in Amman. Learn how to make a tasty maqluba, one of Jordan’s most beloved dishes.
  • Learn about life in Petra when you sit down with a local family for a hearty serving of mansaf, delicious lamb with fermented, dried yoghurt sauce.
  • Uncover ancient traditions and flavours with a Jordanian shepherd over a typical mezze breakfast, a chance to learn about life in the countryside.
  • Marvel at the majesty of Petra on a guided tour, speed through the desert on a jeep safari in Wadi Rum and float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth.
  • Get to know Jordanian food, beyond hummus. This adventure introduces you to authentic dishes like falafel, mansaf, maqluba, knafeh, labneh, kibbeh, khubz and zarb.


Day 1 Amman
Day 2 Petra / Dead Sea
Day 3 Petra
Day 4 Wadi Rum
Day 5 Amman
Day 6 Amman

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