Sedona, Arizona

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Sedona, Arizona

Still relatively unurbanized, Sedona immerges as one of America's natural masterpieces. Magnificent red rocks extend upwards as natural skyscrapers, while clear waters flow around them. Native Americans thrived in the area before the arrival of Europeans, and now both national and international visitors come to see the astonishing landscapes of the city. Sedona is commonly known for being a spiritual retreat destination.

The City

Sedona has been inhabited since the early days of civilization. Nowadays, it still remains a relatively calm city, attracting packs of tourists every year to see its very own and distinctive skyline – the sun shining over the Red Rock makes for a magnificent view that can be seen from anywhere in town. Plenty of Americans have either made Sedona their permanent residence, or a frequent stop on their vacation itineraries.

Do & See

Sedona is not only Arizona's biggest attraction, but also one of the Southwest's top vacation destinations. Its main attraction is the Red Rock State Park, with its abundant outdoor activities and peaceful trails. In this desert town that is surrounded by bright-orange mountains and countless pine trees, you'll find plenty to do.


Despite being located in the heart of Arizona, Sedona has a worldwide range of restaurants to offer. The town's dining scene is flourishing more than ever, with restaurants for all walks of life. Sedona cuisine is known for its use of the prickly pear cactus, an exotic ingredient used in candies, tea, cocktails, and even ice cream. Its taste can be described as fruity and sweet with a tangy aftertaste.


The astonishing view of the Red Rocks is one of the most spectacular views that you can admire while having a warm cup of coffee. Most of Sedona's cafes take advantage of their location to serve warm drinks and savory snacks in a unique setting, with many of them offering plenty of vegan or vegetarian options.

Bars & Nightlife

Sedona is known for plenty of amazing things to do, but nightclubs are not among what they are known for. But who needs nightclubs when you have a tremendous amount of bars to choose from? The locals enjoy visiting the bars in the town as well, making it the perfect way for you to experience Arizona like a local.


With a strong, creative art community, Sedona is a paradise when it comes to art and craft shopping, with its galleries full of art pieces from all around the globe. Besides art, the town is known for its turquoise jewelry, since the state of Arizona is rich in turquoise mines. Classic Southern leather items that can also be found in many shops.

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