Sandusky, Ohio

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Sandusky, Ohio

The name Sandusky has become synonymous with Cedar Point. What once began as a beer garden bathhouse and a dance floor has grown into a massive amusement park that draws 3.5 million visitors to the area annually. Known internationally for its roller coasters, the city is also home to a vibrant boating and fishing community. Beautiful historic downtown Sandusky greets visitors with its collection of museums, shops, and restaurants.

The City

Established in 1818, the northern Ohio town of Sandusky is the county seat of Erie County. It is located approximately one hour from the major city of Cleveland and sits on beautiful Lake Erie, the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes. Sandusky's shoreline stretches for 22 miles along Lake Erie, which is known as one of the best fishing locations in the United States. There are several local piers that allow fishing, or you can fish out on the lake on either a private or chartered boat. Sandusky is also located within close proximity to Lake Erie's islands, including South Bass Island, which is home to popular summer resort village of Put-in-Bay. However, Sandusky's preeminent attraction has long been Cedar Point, known throughout the world for its roller coasters. In 2013, it launched the Gatekeeper roller coaster, which broke the records for tallest, fastest, longest, and steepest winged coaster for that year. Cedar Point is so popular that Sandusky has come to be known as "America's Roller Coast." The amusement park is also one of the city's major employers. In addition to boating and fishing, the warm summers of Sandusky lend themselves to other outdoor activities, such as camping, golfing, biking. and hiking. Historic downtown Sandusky is also popular with tourists. It is home to some of the most impressive architecture in the Midwest. Some of its more notable buildings are the G.A. Boeckling building, the Cassedy-West building, and Hubbard's block. Visitors also enjoy spending time in downtown Sandusky's shops, restaurants, and museums.

Do & See

There is so much to experience in Sandusky and the surrounding areas. Amusement and water parks, in addition to all the recreational parks, museums, golf, scuba diving and a drive-through safari are some of the areas highlights. Whether you're searching for family fun at one of the world's top amusement parks or some serenity and seclusion in one of the areas many campgrounds, Sandusky could be the destination for you.


From upscale-French to family-style home cooking, hot dogs to lobster, Sandusky has a wide range of options. Be sure to try a regional favorite, the perch sandwich, at the New Sandusky Fish Co., which has the best one around. You'll never be hungry while in Sandusky.

Bars & Nightlife

The dance club scene in Sandusky is scarce, but there is a basic bar scene. Most of them attached to restaurants, but with lakefront views and friendly local regulars, what the nightlife lacks in variety it makes up for with small town charm.


For shopping in Sandusky, there is quite a bit from which to choose. From antiques to hobbies, cycling to shopping mall, one should be able to find a little of everything within the city.