Raleigh, North Carolina

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Raleigh, North Carolina

A visit to Raleigh in North Carolina is more than a trip to a blossoming Southern metropolis. You'll feel enriched and energized the instant you're warmly welcomed by its smart, savvy locals. Raleigh's bright minds head top-tier technology, education and life science institutions; its artists create a bevy of cultural and culinary touchstones; and its storytellers proudly carry on the collective heritage of a rich, historic capital city.

The City

When you're looking for the excitement and attractions of a great city, combined with the affordability, approachability and appeal of classic Southern U.S. towns, look no further than Raleigh, North Carolina’s state capital. The Raleigh area really does have it all, which is why the city is constantly named everything from Best American City for Singles to Best Place to Do Business to Best City to Live, Work and Play. Raleigh has also been called the “City of Oaks” based on its number of trees and penchant for green space, the “Smithsonian of the South” for its high caliber of free museums and the “Silicon Valley of the East,” paying homage to the renowned tech scene. The Research Triangle Park is right in the city’s backyard, and 10 traditional colleges and universities call the Raleigh area home, including North Carolina State University. Just outside the city of Raleigh are 11 fascinating towns that make up Greater Raleigh. Places like Apex, Cary, Garner and Wake Forest all have their own personalities, charming visitors with historic downtowns, tree-lined main streets and some of the best golfing in the state. These next-door neighbors are perfect for a unique day-trip or a cozier bed-and-breakfast stay. And if you’re looking for a traditional soda fountain, local-grape winery or even a scuba park, we’ve got those covered, too.

Do & See

Best known for its world-class museums, best of Broadway shows and live concerts, capital area historic sites and professional and amateur sporting events, Raleigh truly offers a variety of entertainment all in one.


There’s so much to taste in Raleigh: the area’s culinary scene is experiencing a veritable renaissance, making it one of the hottest dining destinations in the Southeast U.S. The Raleigh area may be traditionally known for pork barbecue and fried seafood, but it is increasingly known for innovative farm-to-fork, New American and multicultural cuisines.


For quick, casual meals, Raleigh’s many cafés offer a peerless mix of variety and warm, down-home service.

Bars & Nightlife

At night, Raleigh buzzes with activity. Only a destination with the big-city energy yet small-town approachability of Raleigh can act as such a welcoming place to go out. An energizing night awaits you, with crowds as varied as the drink selections and a Southern-hospitality vibe that the Raleigh area is known for.


Malls and retail areas create the decadent shopping scene of. From the major department stores of traditional malls Triangle Town Center and Crabtree Valley Mall to the exclusive shops and boutiques of open-air Cameron Village and North Hills, you can enjoy spectacular shopping in any part of the destination.

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