New York, New York

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New York, New York

With a globally recognizable skyline and 8.4 million people who call it home, New York City is bursting with diversity and excitement – from the iconic attractions you've seen on TV and in the movies to hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. Each of the five boroughs – The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island – has a distinctive flavor, while individual neighborhoods maintain identities all their own.

The City

New York City may be small in size, but it’s huge in numbers, energy and attitude. It’s the most densely populated city in North America with 8 million citizens on just 830 square kilometers of land. It has always been a city of immigrants, and, even today, about one-third of its citizens are foreign-born. Roughly 138 languages are spoken here, and vibrant new ethnic enclaves pop up all over the city, offering visitors a vast array of interesting cultural and culinary experiences. While the city pulses with the blood of its newest residents, old New York is still alive and well. Opera still bursts from the venerable stage of the Lincoln Center. Wall Street, the hive of capitalism, still bustles with the excitement and tension of the stock market. And the stately apartments of New York’s wealthy still frame majestic Central Park. New York has become one of America’s safest cities, and the best way to see it is to walk. Numbered streets in Manhattan make navigation easy and run from east to west, while avenues intersect from north to south (uptown and downtown). New Yorkers are friendly and talkative, and nearly every night of the week the city’s bars and clubs are crowded with revelers. There are several universities in New York, which contribute to keeping the city fresh and young.


New York City hardly needs an introduction, but the city’s five boroughs might. Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island may all represent one city, but they each have their own personalities and must-see attractions. Get to know the colorful attributes that make each New York City borough unique.


Celebrations and festivities are a year-round – and day-to-night – affair in New York City, making it easy to have your visit to coincide with the merrymaking. Check out this selection of popular festivals, featuring sports, music, art, and international shows and exhibitions.

Nature & Outdoors

New York City is known as a bustling, diverse metropolis, but it’s also a great city for enjoying nature. Spend a day on the water, have a picnic under the trees and marvel at the seasonal blooming flowers – with a New York twist, of course – or indulge in one of the many other outdoor activities the city has to offer.

Do & See

You’ve seen them a million times in the movies, but there’s nothing like taking in these quintessential New York City landmarks in person. First stop, a tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, capped with a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry for stellar views of both. Immerse yourself in the bustle and bright lights of Times Square followed by the incomparable spectacle of a Broadway show – both experiences that you can’t find anywhere else but in NYC. Explore the Rockefeller Center, and take a trip to the top of the Empire State Building. Experience the Grand Central Terminal, a unique architectural gem and the city’s major transportation hub. As panoramic scenes go, NYC can’t be beaten. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for views of New York Harbor or scale 30 Rockefeller Plaza’s Art Deco skyscraper to Top of The Rock, an observatory offering 360-degree views of the city.


Dining in New York City can be an inspiring experience for travelers and long-time residents alike. Restaurants and cafes line the streets, and the culinary options are unlimited. Bookmark this list of classics to help you navigate the culinary standouts, including famous delicatessens, notable New York eateries and trendy hot spots from Manhattan to Brooklyn.


New York may be better known as a diner city than a cafe city, but it would be wrong to underestimate the cafe scene in the Big Apple. New York City and delis go together like pastrami and rye, and the city holds plenty of tried-and-true legendary restaurants, which range from hot dog stands to finer establishments.

Bars & Nightlife

It's a cliché to say that New York is the “city that never sleeps,” but it's true. No matter what you’re looking for – karaoke, live music, dancing – you can find it at all hours. See the New York Yankees’ historic home ballpark. Head to Madison Square Garden to catch an ice hockey match, basketball game or concert.


Shopaholics and fashionistas, whisk out your credit cards. New York may very possibly be the best shopping city in the world. Every major chain and label has an outpost here, and there are so many small designer boutiques and markets of all kinds, you’re guaranteed to bring home much more than you had budgeted for. Shopping in New York is quite simply retail heaven.

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