Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is a city on the rise. Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, it is rumored that iconic American writer Mark Twain was the first to assign the name ‘Twin Cities’ to Minneapolis and neighboring city St. Paul. It's a metropolis that can cater to all your wishes: spend an entire week shopping, finding all the popular brands and some local ones, or go on a pub crawl and discover high-quality bars the city has to offer.

The City

Minneapolis is Minnesota's largest city and the 48th-largest city in the United States with a population of over 380,000. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul region, which includes 182 cities and townships, has a population of over 3 million and is the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the nation. Known as the "City of Lakes" – it has 20 of those in all – Minneapolis also sits on the banks of the Mississippi River and has an abundance of wetlands, creeks, ponds and falls. Water is not the only natural resource that one can find here. This city spotted with forests once supporting a thriving timber industry is also home to one of the nation's greatest parks systems. Minneapolis contains as much as 770 square feet of park space per resident. In addition to cherishing its natural beauty, Minneapolis has celebrated a diverse cultural heritage, from its earliest inhabitants, the Dakota Sioux, to the immigrants that have come to city over the years from France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latin America, Italy, Greece, Poland, Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and more. Minneapolis also has the largest Somali population in North America and is ranked fourth among U.S. cities in the percentage of gay, lesbian or bisexual people in its adult population as of 2006. Today, Minneapolis is an economic, educational and cultural hub of the Midwest. There are five Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Minneapolis, which gives it the fifth-highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies among U.S. cities. It is also home to the University of Minnesota, which has the fourth-highest enrollment for a four-year public university in the U.S., three private four-year colleges, and several other institutions of higher learning. Minneapolis residents also value the arts. The city is full of beautiful architecture and is home to several art museums, including the Walker Art Center, one of the nation's major modern art museums, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the largest museum in the city. There are also several performing arts groups, and the largest non-juried performing arts festival, the Minnesota Fringe Festival, takes place each year. Music is present everywhere you turn. Catch a performance by the Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall or turn into a number of local clubs to hear what Minneapolis' music scene has to offer. Legendary musician Prince, as well as bands Hüsker Dü and The Replacements are natives of Minneapolis. You may have to make more than one trip to Minneapolis to take in all of the sights, meet all of the people, and eat all of the delicious food that you want.

Do & See

With 18.3 million visitors to the city’s metro area each year, Minneapolis has become one of the most visited US destinations thanks to attractions such as world-class museums and galleries, a vibrant night-life and a shopping mall so large it even has its own postcode.


Minneapolis enjoys four distinct seasons and thus offers a wide variety of seasonal produce, fresh and delicious. Add to that the influences from immigrants that have found their way here and invested themselves in the growth of the city's food culture, and you have a healthy choice of vibrant and varied cuisine. If you want to be spoilt for choice, go to Nicollett Avenue. Spanning 17 blocks, this street has more than 50 restaurants and cafés with offerings as diverse as traditional Vietnamese and German meals to trendy fusion restaurants.


The city's booming cafe and coffee shop scenes ensure a great haunt is never too far away. Take your pick from an extensive selection of artisan roasters, hip designer spaces and more.

Bars & Nightlife

Minneapolis nightlife could be everything from a cordial dinner combined with an entertaining cabaret to a wild and crazy night in a club or a pub crawl. Choose the option that best suits your tastes and make the most of your time in the city.


Minneapolis has its part in retail history, with the largest mall in America situated in the city’s downtown area. The Mall of America is one of the shopping destinations that should not be missed. In the town you will find everything from young designer stores to funky boutiques and major retailers on both sides of the Mississipi.

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