Miami, Florida

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Miami, Florida

Miami is known for its glamour and cosmopolitan vibe, but what truly sets this city apart is its miles of sandy beaches, which coupled with year-round sunshine and pleasant warmth have cemented Miami's position as a top travel destination. Describing it merely as an international metropolis would be a gross understatement, given its North American core infused with Caribbean flair, a generous dose of Latin American influence, a hint of African heritage, a touch of Asian influence, and a sprinkle of European charm. All these elements and their fascinating blend give Miami a vibrant and exhilarating cultural life.

The City

Immigration has played a major role in Miami's explosive growth over the last 80 years, and this has naturally had a great influence on the shape of Miami today. Its people make the city pulsate with a large and vibrant multicultural art scene, while its location at the sea and in the sun has attracted life-indulging pleasure-seekers from all over the world: the lazy beach culture by day gives way to infectious musical rhythms by night. Miami – in this guide also referring to Miami Beach, which is built on a sandbar across Biscayne Bay – is a city of contrasts: across the street from one of the country's most exclusive nightclubs, visitors in the know can catch a gritty open mic night, and salsa clubs and musical theatre of the highest caliber exist here side by side. Little Havana and Little Haiti are the centers of Caribbean life in the city, while the Art Deco architecture near South Beach showcases Miami's heyday in the roaring 20s, mixed with today's latest fashion in dining, wining, living, and clubbing. Miami Beach exudes a celebrity lifestyle, while Miami itself has fast become an international cultural hot spot as a center of Latin and North American art and gastronomy with inspiration taken from all corners of the world. Miami has picturesque beaches, exceptional nightlife, plentiful shopping opportunities, and delicious dining options. Although there is an abundance of things to do in the city and on the beach, visitors should not pass up the chance of taking one-day excursions to see some of the breathtaking natural surroundings.

Do & See

Miami has unlimited ways to charm its visitors, as the city's natural beauty and its surroundings are breathtaking, while its great climate offers chances for outdoor activities pretty much all year round. While staying close to the city will allow you to enjoy some of the best beaches on the planet, do also explore a little further and visit the wonders of the Everglades or the Florida Keys. Even though the weather nearly forces you to stroll around in the sun, Miami's architectural past and its vibrant art scene will tempt you to spend some time indoors, and the warmth of the vastly international population will make you want to stay here for good.


Like its people, Miami's cuisine is an infusion of flavors. Greatly influenced by the city’s ethnic mix and its location by the Atlantic Ocean, creative chefs have merged Miami’s seafood with Asian, Caribbean, European, and South American flavors, and the result is a limitless array of options, ranging from world-class chefs and their fusion experiments to family-run holes-in-the-wall serving up specialties from around the globe. And one cannot leave town before trying the deliciously refreshing local dessert: Key Lime pie.


Coffee culture in Miami is eclectic, and it draws on European, American, and Caribbean influences. The coffee here is best enjoyed outside in the refreshing breeze of the city while admiring the scenery and passers-by. Take an espresso by the sands of South Beach, a cappuccino in Coral Gables, or a cortadito in the heart of Little Havana.

Bars & Nightlife

Miami's nightlife offers much more than the alluring and extravagant VIP nightclubs of South Beach. Locals and tourists alike are drawn to the Latin dance clubs of Española Way and the sophisticated martini bars in the Design District. In addition to laid-back bars for post-sun bathing drinks, the live music scene offers a plethora of options, including bars featuring jazz, flamenco, or salsa. With just a bit of effort, one can also discover poetry slams, world-class theaters, and art performances to elevate their evenings.


Whether you prefer outdoor shopping in a breezy environment, browsing megamalls with air-conditioned comfort, or exploring department stores, there are plenty of options to choose from in Miami. If you're looking for unique and stylish home decor, furniture, or art, the Design District and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach are the places to be. Meanwhile, Bal Harbour is the go-to spot for high-end designer boutiques, and Bayside Marketplace offers a classic shopping experience with popular chain stores. For a more exotic shopping experience, be sure to check out Little Havana or Española Way on Sunday afternoons.

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