Kansas City, Kansas

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Kansas City, Kansas

Located on the border between the states of Kansas and Missouri, KC is a lively metropolis in the middle of the green hills of the Midwest Plains. Following continuous development that took place over the last decades, Kansas City offers endless fun and sports activities. Officially nicknamed the City of Fountains, it boasts impressive shopping malls, delicious traditional barbecue, an interesting arts scene, and a vibrant nightlife in a downtown that never sleeps: Kansas City is truly a diverse source of entertainment.

The City

Since its foundation in 1838, Kansas City has always been a major bulwark of the Midwest, starting with the westward expansion in the 19th century, and during the trade boom that followed. The city still is an important economic hub today as companies such as Lockton, Hallmark Cards, HNTB, and Children International are headquartered here. This drive prevails in all sectors of the economy: KC is highly famous for its casinos and cuisine, the latter admired by many for its distinctive barbecue and craft beers. Culture too has always played an important role in the life of KC: museums abound throughout the city, showcasing a history rich in art and political events alike. In fact, KC in itself is a source of inspiration: it was home to none else than Walt Disney when he created his first animation in the 1910s. The city's musical scene deserve special mention, too. Famed for its bustling jazz scene, KC recently earned UNESCO's "Creative City of Music" designation, the only city in the US to do so until now. Whether you're into shopping, entertainment, or food, these well-merited nicknames are guarantee that KC is a place that won't disappoint.

Do & See

Kansas City offers a large number of creative and recreational activities, museums and sports events. The city also houses some of the most beautiful musical halls and theaters that will leave an awe-inspiring impression on those who enter, and the same can be said of its impressive entertainment and shopping centers.


Kansas City boasts some of the best barbecue places in the States. Whether it's a quick bite at a casual diner or a fancy dining experience, you'll surely find something to your taste in what is also called a barbecue capital.


Whether you want to mingle with the locals at one of the coffee shops or try something extraordinary, Kansas City has a lot to offer to her visitors all year round.

Bars & Nightlife

Listen to the true Kansas City Jazz in a smoky club, hop the bars in the lively Power & Light District, or risk it all at one of the plenty casinos in town: Kansas City has something for every mood.


Each of them unique on their own, the shopping malls of Kansas City not only provide their visitors with products of the highest quality, but will also offer a wide source of entertainment, from spa services to spectacular fountains.

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