Cave Creek, Arizona

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Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek, Arizona is a paradise for archeologists, with its abundant Hopi Indian tribal artifacts and unique flora. Located in the stunning Arizona landscape, this city attracts many visitors each year with its sunny weather and breathtaking views. The Western lifestyle of Cave Creek is evident in its rural development, open trails, and wildlife habitats. Whether you're interested in history or just looking to enjoy the great outdoors, Cave Creek is the perfect destination.

The City

With intentions of “preserving the spirit of the desert,” Cave Creek, Arizona maintains its rugged personality in the form of boundless ranches and historical relevance. Prior to its establishment, Cave Creek was home to the Hopi Nation; much of their imprints have remained in the form of artifacts, drawings and adobes. Following Native presence, Americans moved to the area for gold mining, and the U.S. Calvary even used it as a rendezvous in the 1870s. Impressively, Cave Creek locals have kept the township relatively the same in the face of changes nearby in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Cave Creek sits high above Phoenix and Scottsdale in the Black Mountain, Skull Mesa and Elephant Butte foothills. Such a terraced appearance has made it a popular vacation destination, as well as highly recognizable as an “Old Western” town. There are saloons, rodeos, rustic art galleries and Western-style shops. Live music is featured nightly at most venues, bringing in both national and local talents. Play championship golf at world-class courses before browsing through the plentiful specialty stores. And if you find yourself craving that hustle and bustle of the city, Phoenix and Scottsdale are merely a stone’s throw away.

Do & See

Much of Cave Creek's appeal resides in its natural, amicable ambiance. The rugged landscape and locals serve to increase the spirit of the area and there are plenty of activities to do, including hiking, biking, music, and more.


Italian, Mexican, Barbecue, and even Motorcycle venues. Cave Creek has something for absolutely every visitor. For a traditional meal, go for steak at Brinkley's or Cartwright's.


Indulge in the dulcet aromas of coffee with friends and family during your Cave Creek trip. Diners are quite popular around the area. Coffeehouses are common as well.

Bars & Nightlife

There's something special about nighttime in Cave Creek. The nights are cooler here, but the entertainment keeps things comfortably scintillating. From esteemed wine lounges to friendly neighborhood bars, find your niche from the listings below.


Quirky stores line Cave Creek, lending merchandise as unique as the town itself. For those seeking more variety, you may do well to venture to Phoenix or Scottsdale. Outlet shopping for major brands will be found there as well.

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