Carlsbad, California

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Carlsbad, California

Nicknamed "Village by the Sea," Carlsbad enjoys seven miles of tidy, serene beaches along the Pacific coastline. This makes it perfect for swimming, sunbathing and surfing, all paired with a mild climate. Furthermore, Carlsbad has three lagoons, a lake, an aquarium, museums and shopping districts. As if that was not enough, the town's proximity to San Diego and Los Angeles provides a multitude of additional options within a short drive.

The City

In the late 18th century, Spanish explorers arrived in the area that is now Carlsbad. Until that point, the Luiseños, as the Spaniards had named them due to their proximity to Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, inhabited the area. Spain continued to build missions and dwellings to maintain the area until Mexico won its independence in 1821, taking control of what is now California and other lands. The land changed hands a few times, and, shortly after the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the Arizona Eastern Railway opened up access to the now Carlsbad area. The area continued to grow in population, agriculture, tourism and amenities. The city organized its chamber of commerce in 1922 and a few years later Carlsbad had a newspaper, school district and theater, among other improvements. Camp Pendleton to the north provided another population boom with veterans of World War II returning from overseas and settling in the area. The area's continued growth resulted in incorporation in 1952. Carlsbad is a seaside city named after a Bohemian spa town in the Czech Republic. Its boundaries are full of businesses from which to browse and shop, eateries that circle the globe (from nostalgic food carts to immaculate five-star restaurants) and attractions both natural and man-made.

Do & See

For an area just over 39 square miles, the amount of time it would take to fully explore the Carlsbad area is astounding. From hundreds of attractions to shopping of all types and bustling beaches to quiet lagoons, Carlsbad is a vacation spot that is more than just a "Village by the Sea." See below.


This coastal town touts more than just seafood. From simple street foods to opulent dining experiences, Carlsbad has it all. Besides steak and seafood, thriving Latino and Asian populations are also represented in the restaurant scene, as are classics such as American and Italian cuisine.


Coffee for many is the bounding point from which their days begin and breakfast is mandatory fuel for all the things to do in the area. The cafes of Carlsbad have so much more to offer, though. Everything from health food to decadent pastries, the cafe scene in this town is limitless and tasty.

Bars & Nightlife

Carlsbad has so much to do in the daylight hours, but the city doesn't quiet down just because the sun has set serenely over the ocean's horizon. With bars from dive to posh, jazz in the park, pool halls, and hookah lounges, you can be sure to enjoy Carlsbad by moonlight. See below!


Tree-shaded sidewalks framing jewelers, antique dealers, a plethora of boutiques, art galleries and farmer's markets, that's what downtown Carlsbad offers. The city also has numerous shopping centers and outlets for a more condensed shopping experience. Take a stroll down Carlsbad Village Drive or Carlsbad Boulevard and explore.

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