Brian Head, Utah

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Brian Head, Utah

With a peak elevation of 11,300 feet, Brian Head is Utah’s beacon to snow-lovers as one of the nation’s highest elevated ski resort towns. The town’s year-round population is fewer than 100 people, but countless vacationers and outdoors enthusiasts make for a consistent stream of excitement. Approximately 350 inches of snowfall each year draws the attention of cross country skiers, snowboarders, hikers and those who wish to bask in the natural beauty of Brian Head, Utah.

The City

Brian Head has the highest base elevation in Utah at 9,800 feet and a peak elevation of 11,300 feet, which makes it ideal for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports during the colder months of November through April. You can enjoy the perfect snow on over 650 acres full of trails and runs. With a population of fewer than a hundred residents and a total area of 3.1 square miles, Brian Head is the smallest town in Iron County. It is less than an hour from Cedar City, the county's largest city, and less than half an hour from Parowan, the county's oldest city and the county seat. Like many areas of Utah, Iron County was colonized by followers of Mormon leader Brigham Young, and it takes its name from the iron deposits found in the area. Farming and agriculture became the area's main economy after the iron foundry failed. It was not until 1964 that Brian Head Resort opened and made tourism a major force in Iron County's economy. Since then, it has undergone several improvements and become a favorite destination for residents of nearby metropolitan areas like Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. In addition to the perfect snowy peaks of Brian Head Peak and adjacent Navajo and Giant Steps, Brian Head's central location to the five national parks in Utah gives visitors a plethora of opportunities for outdoor adventure.

Do & See

The snowy slopes of Brian Head Peak, Navajo Mountain, and Giant Steps provide the perfect setting for outdoor winter activities like downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing, and summer activities like hiking and mountain biking. Two of the five national parks located in Utah are within a reasonable drive from Brian Head. Fishing in the area's lakes and rivers is a popular pastime. In addition, there are several activities, sights and events in nearby Cedar City and Parowan.


Since the permanent population of Brian Head is so small, many of the local restaurants are only open during the resort's busy season. However, there are a few that are open year-round. Venture to nearby Cedar City for more options.


From small, intimate bakeries and coffee shops, to gourmet and traditional lunch spots, there are places to unwind in Brian Head. Cedar City and Parowan are additionally excellent for cafes. See the listings below.

Bars & Nightlife

Most of the action happens during the day in this outdoors destination. Not to fear, there are a few places where the night owls can socialize. Several nightlife venues may be found in Brian Head itself. You may have to venture to nearby Cedar City and Springdale as well.


Since its big draw are its winter resorts, Brian Head lacks a lot of recreational shopping. The few stores in town relegate their space to groceries, personal grooming items, and general necessities, in addition to souvenirs. However, a short drive to nearby Cedar City yields more shopping options.

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