With its rolling green hills and small family farms, the Saanich Peninsular is also home to the BC and Washington State ferry terminals as well as the Victoria International Airport; its southernmost community is called, simply, Saanich. This is the first part of Vancouver Island that most visitors see. Although it's tempting to head straight for downtown Victoria, 25 minutes to the south, there are many reasons to linger here, including Mt. Douglas, which offers magnificent views of Victoria and the rest of the peninsula on a clear day.


Mount Douglas Regional Park

A footpath and a road lead to the 213-meter (758-foot) summit of Mt. Douglas, offering a 360-degree view of Victoria…

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Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

Traditional ciders, made with apples grown on-site and nearby, are paired with local cheeses, preserves, and other delectables at this…

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